The CHP 11-99 Foundation

For more than a decade, Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival has been a major sponsor and supporter of the CHP 11-99 Foundation. Motorworks’ VIP guests make generous donations throughout the evening, and several McCall Sponsors have donated items to support the Foundation through its silent auction. Gordon McCall* emphasizes, “We are truly honored to support all families of the California Highway Patrol through our efforts on behalf of the CHP 11-99 Foundation.”

 The CHP 11-99 Foundation provides assistance to CHP families in financial crisis, or at a death, and with scholarships for their sons, daughters, and spouses. Funds are received from memberships, donors, businesses, foundations, and fund raising events. Since 1982 the 11-99 Foundation has provided over $26 million in benefits and scholarships to CHP families.


For more information, please visit the CHP 11-99 Foundation website at:





*Gordon McCall is a Member of the Board of Directors for the California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation.


How do I make a donation?
Donations are accepted at the Motorworks event in the 11-99 Foundation Lounge OR on the 11-99 Foundation website.

Click here to make a donation online~