"...The real glamour begins on
Wednesday {night}..."
                 -Octane Magazine

"...{Gordon McCall's} An E-ticket

ride at the Best Place on Earth..."

 - Sports Car Market Magazine

"...Jet Set Socializing...Where the

Beautiful Vehicles Mingle..."

-Classic Motorsports Magazine


"... Gordon McCall's fabulous Motorworks shindig...
a sensational gathering of exquisite machines...
VIP guest hob-nob with celebs and legends
of the automotive world..."
- Vintage Motorsport


"Gordon McCall, who is the co-founder of
'The Quail:A Motorsports Gathering'
and a mastermind of the Motorworks Revival
at the Monterey Jet Center, is a DYNAMO during
Monterey car week."
- Sports Car Market
"Gordon McCall's Motorworks Revival
has become the kickoff 
to the long Monterey Weekend."
- Autoweek
"Wednesday evening is the ordained time slot for the
very rousing and successful McCall Motorworks Revival
at the Monterey Jet Center, organized by everyone's 
favorite car guy, Gordon McCall. We can bow our
heads to the man who pioneered the 'Jet Party' concept, bringing select automobiles, private and antique aircraft,
generous sponsors, bountiful food and drink,
all together for a simple good time."
- Cavallino Magazine


“Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival at theMonterey Jet Center  is one of 

the most exclusive events of it’s kind in the United States."

- Peninsula Hotel Magazine


"Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival party

is the week’s hot  ticket."

- Octane Magazine

"Gordon McCall's Motorworks Revival... pulls cars
and celebrities..., adds planes, wine, and dinner,
and is a worthwhile 'elbow rub'..."
- Porsche Panorama








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